rott puppyHere at All Creatures Veterinary Emergency Clinic, we are dedicated to detoxification for our patients.

Many things are toxic to pets. Anything that is consumed but can’t be changed into nutrients in a patient’s body is considered a toxin. Toxins can include plants, objects they consume, and even medicines and foods that are supposed to be good for them.

Pet detoxification is the act of removing these poisonous things from the body so that they won’t cause any harm. It is important to know that the liver is used to filter out toxins, so we may also have to detoxify patients that have a bad liver.

Things that can be poisonous to pets can also be found in their food, treats, and even medications. Patients with bad livers may have trouble getting rid of certain medications, allowing the medication to build up in their system until it gets to a poisonous level.

There are also many things in the environment that can cause problems including antifreeze, ammonia, and ethylene glycol. Many fungicides and insecticides can be harmful too. Many products used to kill bugs and rodents can be deadly to our pets as well! Zinc, which is in ointments to heal sores, can become poisonous also.

We are here for you in the event of poisoning. After figuring out what was ingested, we can decide what the best course of action is. Some conditions can be helped if we induce vomiting, while in some cases vomiting will make the condition worse. Fluids can be helpful to flush out the poison. Your pet may have to stay a few days to ensure a healthy recovery.

If you have any questions about poisons or detoxification, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (209) 472-7387.